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wide display

Postby namortrailblazer » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:19 am


I understand that there is not resolution settings yet.
I know in steam Grip game properties, in the launch options, something like -ResX=1920 -ResY=1200 can be put to switch resolution. And it nicely works.

But I have a system with 3 1920x1200 monitors and an AMD 6970 card which I switch to eyefinity mode resulting in a wide monitor with resolution 6048x1200 (3x1920 plus some pixels between monitors).

I can apply this setting, but then, Grip behaves strangely.
  • the startup menu is shown over the 3 monitors. since it is left aligned, it appears on the left monitor. a centered aligment would be nicer.
  • the background video playing behind the main menu is stretched, which looks strange.
  • when starting a race, the initial camera animation passing by the cars waiting for the race to begin is running actually in 6048x1200 resolution. the camera is zoomed which means the zoom is locked to the width of the screen. it would be nicer to lock it to the height of the screen, so that the width (instead of the height) is ignored when it comes to zooming.
  • in these few seconds, framerate dropped quite much. I don't know if you can do anything about that. My AMD 6970 seems to get problems here. But let me just tell, I like to play Dirt 3 which has a good graphics (but ok, it is not on the standards of Unreal Engine 4) and runs fluent on 6048x1200.
  • Once this introductory few-seconds sequence is over and the camera is behind the car ready to begin racing, the rendering switched to 1920x1200. Well it was not a monitor resolution switch (which would be seen with 1 second black monitors). It is just the center monitor showed the game renderings (so 1920x1200), and the hud was completely on the left monitor (also aligned for 1920x1200). I think the right monitor was black.
  • Although the graphics rendering was just done in a 1920x1200 central section, some post processing shaders seem to "recognize" the 6048x1200 display. When speeding up the car, the screen got distorted in kind of waves which for long periodic peaks which stretching towards the right of about 20-40%. Funny.
Then I stopped playing in eyefinity mode.

It would be nice if you consider wide displays as well as this is not uncommon anymore.
I would then recommend to take care following aspects:
  • Allow any dynamic resolutions and not just fixed to a specific number of monitors and resolutions. It must be dynamic as the space between monitors can be filled by invisible pixels to workaround monitor borders which depend on the monitor models and cause the resolution that the operating system sees to be wider than just a multiples of a single monitor resolution. Users usually can define how many invisible pixels may be between monitors (I think they are called bezels).
  • The aspect ratio of shown graphics has to be adjusted correctly, depending on the resolution chosen.
  • When making the aspect ratio dynamic in that way, locking on the height is better than locking on the width. By locking I mean: if you have a rendering and aspect ratio setup for e.g. 1920x1200, making the display resolution wider should just add more visible areas to the left and right but the central 1920x1200 should still show the very same as before without wide resolution setting. That is the height did not change, so the camera FOV in height did not change. Of course for mobile devices like cellphones, where the height is the bigger length than width, it might be opposite.
  • It would be nice to have a dynamic stretch setting available to stretch the main menu section as well as the in-game HUD independently. Especially the in-game HUD would not look nice if it stretches up over all 3 monitors and showing important information to the very left or right. It would be nice to stretch it such that it gets only stretched in width and reduce it so far that it covers just the main monitor (in the same way as it would cover when running the game in a single monitor 1920x1200 resolution).

Just some ideas.
Please notice, I just want to give my opinions on aspect ratio and wide displays which I encountered problematic with many other (mainly a bit older) games which do not take wide displays properly into account, although they try to. (E.g. Dirt 3 has the problem with the HUD which I mentioned as last point listed above).

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Re: wide display

Postby Chris_CE » Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:00 am

Hey namortrailblazer,

As we're very early in development, there are many things on the priority list that are above wide displays, especially since a low % of gamers use this setup, as it's more for enthusiasts.

It would be great to support all kinds of resolutions, but it won't be for a while until we think about it. Maybe you could bump this topic further down the line ;)
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Re: wide display

Postby namortrailblazer » Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:27 pm

Sure. Thanks for the quick reply.
Sorry if I did sound too much pushing. It's mentally below ground now ;-)

(Suspecting there is no setting in the thread to push it down)?

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