Issues found playing early access version

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Issues found playing early access version

Postby namortrailblazer » Tue Dec 08, 2015 7:39 am

I hope I am right here to post this issues list in the Game Features forum and not the Technical one.

Since this is my first post on Grip forum, please allow me some words to say, how happy I am to see you guys making this game.

I was always a fan of rollcage. I played it so much in the past. Sad when it was not able to cope with the new systems and hardware anymore and I was not able to play it anymore for long.

I am a fan of Unreal Engine 4 as well. So nice graphics and exciting features.

Then I saw (in UE4 launcher) your initiative to merge both into a new polished game with new graphics but retro feeling included. I could not think a second. I had to get it immediately. Thanks so much. That is such a great idea and the approach you are taking is very pleasuring, especially that you work on keep the retro feeling but without old retro graphics. Retro feeling and modern graphics is the best combination I could wish for. Thumbs up!

Please consider the issues and wishes I mention in here not as complaint in any direction. Not at all. The game looks so promising and I like to play the early access version already now very much.

But since I am already now excited of the game, I want to help it to proceed as fast as possible and I want to give as much (hopefully useful) information as possible, that you might and hopefully want to consider.

my system:
Windows 7
AMD 6970 with 3 monitors in eyefinity mode (6048x1200 resolution)
different gamepads and
a Saitek R440 force feedback wheel

I played often with the default settings, but put difficultly to easy and usually with power low.
The eyefinity mode does not yet work on the early access version, so I played just with one 1920x1200 monitor.

  • cars look amazing and with newest graphics caps makes so much fun
  • smooth feeling with a little stiff camera similar to rollcage. gives a very nice retro feeling.
  • physics also remind me of rollcage. And the car stickiness to walls when fast plus the flip-over possibility are so great. I can believe, this was a hard part. Nice work.

Issues I discovered (and I suppose you know some of them yourself already):
  • the general feeling of driving the car is, the car is somewhat uncontrollable, especially compared to rollcage (as far as I can remember, since I did not play that for a long time).
    • when crashing onto a hard obstacle, the car jumps high and takes ages to go down (don't know if there could be done something).
    • when falling down (just from 1 or 2 meters even) the car often touches ground on one wheel and suddenly turns around (probably because I have my finger on the forward button still). that is a bit too harsh imho.
    • acceleration is a bit low. I think that is more too loose grip on the sandy ground. a little more ground grip there would be nice since the wheels have thick spikes.
    • when stuck on bumpy surface like rock, the car turns a bit too much when just pressing forward button (without steering buttons) and tends to turn mostly upwards, so exactly in the opposite direction than wanted. the best option is to wait until the car slides down on more flat surface, which can take long.
    • when being stuck sideways on a track, it turns out the curve radius that the car can make when starting slowly driving to turn into the desired direction, is too big. often I just bump and climb onto the wall or obstacles in front although I press the turn-right (or left) button.
    • and if I then press the forward button too long as well, the car still does not really turn because it begins to accelerate without the front wheels having enough grip to turn.
    • all in all the car is too hard to control. I remember the cars in rollcage were not easy as well, but there was the possibility to develop some strategys on special places on the track. I remember a curves in tunnels, that are changingly inside and then outside the mountain, so that strategys were necessary to not fall out of the track when the tunnel suddenly has walls only on one side. It was possible to control the cars repeatedly for the same strategy, although it was hard. Grip's cars are somewhat too uncontrollable in that way to develop and repeat a strategy for special curves. I know that is a delicate adjustment and not easy to realize to fit all tracks that might come up.
  • the easy difficultly is too hard. it feels practically the same as the hard one. After some time, the cars often drove far in front away out of sight and sometimes even did cut ahead of me. just because it is hard to control the car to have a speed fun for more than 1 second. With hard difficultly, this is ok, but easy should be much more easy imho. (of course I did not drive so often yet, but still I would expect easy difficulty to keep me happy even when not trained so much for the game yet).
  • when car is far away from track and car rotates a bit while rolling over a mountain, camera does not know if it should keep viewing orientation in place or if it should move behind the car. it did jump a few times between the 2 directions. I would suggest to make the camera more dynamic to where the car is. if far off the track, it could switch to a simple but more stable choice.
  • I did hit the wall beside an entrance of a tunnel with full speed and the car flew very high.
    • I did not take off my finger from the forward button and the car was not falling down. Once I did let go from the button, the car fell down. It looks like as if the car gets some grip on the invisible blocking volumes even in bigger height.
    • When car did hit the ground it bumped off once and then it fell through the group deeper into nirvana endlessly. Had to stop the game. I would suggest (because I think you can never really prevent an unplanned fall-through completely in case the Unreal physics engine would have some limitations or bugs there) to add a respawn strategy once a car falls below a certain minimum height which should not be much deeper than the lowest point on the track IMHO. Especially if you would build tracks in air where the road is just there without ground (if you ever plan to do so), such a strategy will be more necessary even.
  • The stiff camera gives a nice feeling. But a little bit more smooth would be maybe nice to make the camera look less jumpy when behind the car and off the track.
  • acceleration is too weak. it takes so long to change from driving backward to forward
  • it is hard to pick up pickups. they should have a bit bigger collision sphere IMHO.
  • the scenery is a bit too dark in some places. there should be more artificial lights around to make it look more exciting with frequent changes between lamps and non-lamp-areas.
  • When outside of track with the blue electronic barriers, it is almost impossible to go back on track. Probably need an automatic respawn or something.
  • car was once stuck in a little diagonal bar that did hold on a little wall or something. It went half through.To be exact, the car was stuck between the rock and the bar, with the front wheels on one side and the back wheels on the other, so being stuck in the middle of the car but the hole is too small to fit through with the wheels, so no way of escaping anymore. That did happen even twice. Maybe in such cases, a respawn after some time stuck in one place might help (if that is easily detectable).
    I made a picture with my cellphone (screenshot did not capture the game display).
    Car stuck between wall and a bar.
    car_stuck.jpg (90.34 KiB) Viewed 2903 times
  • when inside tunnels and moving slow left and right after getting stuck in there, the camera often resides outside the tunnel so that I can see the partial renderings outside.
  • when stuck on a rock or mountain, the camera sometimes tends to be inside a rock and I see just a fullscreen rock surface.
  • once I drove back in wrong direction and collided full speed with another car. the 2 fronts of the cars seem to be stuck inside together and physically attached without being able to get off anymore. It is similar like the case with the diagonal bar.
  • the long pipe inside a tunnel where steam comes out does not have a colliding mesh. I can drive through it.
  • Btw: see where other cars are: As I said, they often went far in front out of sight. I would like to see where I am and where the other cars are at any time, either on a little track top-view hud graphics that many racing games have. Or at least some part of the track before and behind me with dots indicating the other cars positions or something like this.
  • somewhere on the track there are 2 little doors with a column in between (where on right side a track also goes up with a jump into a mountain tunnel). After the column, there is some meters asphalt track which then goes into a tunnel. This asphalt track stands on rock and therefore has a little height here and there and when the car goes off, it can be stuck between track and rock. Twice I was able to go through this little height of the track on the side (I mean the border stone of the track) and enter the track, thus having the car being inside the track instead of on top. Seems the track's collision mesh has some holes or does not properly close to the rocks.
  • Regarding the little green-light-surrounded entrance in side wall of a tunnel to enter a somewhat secret track: This is a nice idea. But since it is a bit hard to enter (which is not the issue here), I got stuck in there and my car was standing in there. The issue I want to mention is, the camera was always on totally unsuitable places and even behind surfaces.
  • I know the graphics and sounds are not finished yet. But I want just to mention some obvious things, although I am quite sure, you know them :-)
    • when hitting somewhere with the car, the hitting sound is short and always the same. that does not have a realistic touch. I suppose that will change still.
    • Also some graphics on the main track are still a little bit too boring. E.g. the start door where the cars start up a race looks a bit flat and very low-poly-mesh and somewhat too greenish metal and too much like old graphics styles.
  • I have AVG Free installed and since some short time, they have a "Identity Protection" module included which analyzes activities of applications on some heuristic basis and if there is some possible but unknown threat detected, a popup comes which blocks the application and asks to either solve the problem (which is usually put it in quarantine) or accept the danger. This popup comes up with my Grip.exe when I start the game. It comes only with that exe, so it is not something that my system is infected. Further AVG does not complain about the exe when scanning it but when starting up the game (another sign that it is some runtime analysis). I don't know what the possible threat would be. Since it is about identity protection, I suspect the network traffic. Maybe it looks like as if personal information is being sent? Or the heuristics are too generous. Whatever it is, I hope you can do something about it, otherwise I have just to accept and make an exclusion for Grip.exe. But most I hope that you do not have included some code which violates some privacy data or whatever. ;-) I mention this as an issue because maybe you want to prevent this situation in case many users would have antivirus scanners with identity protection.

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Re: Issues found playing early access version

Postby Whiplash » Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:51 am

Wow, what a list. I would say that the car should be able to drift on the sand. Now in those situations it will always totally over-slide and spin.
But so far, the car handling generally is quite good.

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Re: Issues found playing early access version

Postby Chris_CE » Tue Dec 08, 2015 11:08 am

namortrailblazer wrote:-Bunch of stuff-

Glad you like the game so far :)

But can you please visit the feedback forum before posting any more suggestions or bugs? Most of what you've written has already been said many times.

Everything in the game is a work in progress, so many suggestions will be taken into account, and many are already being fixed. The game will get better in time ;)
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