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Carcour feedback thread!

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:08 am
by RuskiTalib3003
I haven't seen anyone make a thread with carcour feedback (are you guys scared of this mode or something? :D ) so I've decided to make one and hopefully encourage some of you to talk about it! The more feedback we have the better!

The devs already know what I have to say, but in case some of you want to argue with my opinion, here it is:

Bezimienny! wrote:Ok, so I personally think carcour isn't as enjoyable as scramble for 1 main reason, (maybe that's also nostalgia, but I still thing this is a valid point regardless) the tracks seem like 1 short challenge instead of old kind of "Track transformed into an obstacle course thingy".

Maybe that doesn't make any sense but IMO the old style where it was "Show us how fast you can beat this racing track and we'll throw in some more obstacles later on" was a lot better than current "Show us how good you are at this trickjump. Yes, one per map (sometimes 2)".

It's kind of good because the player starts in front of a difficult jump instantly, meaning they don't need to beat some parts over and over again. But because it consists of 1 or 2 trickjumps, it now consists of trial and error on the same part over and over again until you nail it.

And because it's just 1 or more jumps (or any other tricks), you now complete map in either 1 try, or 100 tries (well maybe not but I hope you see what problem with current design I mean by that)

Re: Carcour feedback thread!

Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:00 pm
by Queadah
Think the concept is there. They're pretty barebone in terms of presentation and design but their main purpose is filled imo.
The fact that it's more "tricks" instead of "slalom" doesn't bother me too much.

Again, later for polishing, banners and eye candy stuff could be added (boosters on the side of the tracks for instance, to keep some realism as to why the track is floating, otherwise, the track just deserves to be blue neon floating glass)

Re: Carcour feedback thread!

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:20 pm
by p0rtalplay3r
After playing some of the carkour tracks for a while I decided to dust off this thread and state one big issue. Which car was used when making these stages? I feel that without a specified car or engine power these tracks are very difficult or even impossible to finish. In rollcage the scramble mode had one set car which eliminated variables within the stages and also reassured the player that if the dev finished the track with the same setup then the player should be able to as well. So far the only tracks I have been able to finish are the easy ones and the Half tubes on Nightmare using the Cygon Ictus, everything else feels impossible to complete in the intended way.

P.S: In the current version of the game(1.2.8), the game crashes when entering a carkour level, hope this gets fixed soon :D .