First Impressions/Implementations

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First Impressions/Implementations

Postby leighbang » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:45 pm

Firstly.. I am so glad I stumbled upon this 'remake' of rollcage. I have spent a lot of my childhood playing that game and I am so excited for this game!!! Also.. fantastic name!

The game looks incredible. The landscapes, track design, car design, all of it is insanely detailed and to me is perfect. Well done!!!
I am running a 4790k, 16GB Ram, Geforce GTX 780ti on a 144hz monitor and I honestly haven't noticed any frame drops or screen tears (G-sync off) with max settings.

I have only completed 3 races at this point of time so I'm sure I've missed some important information so please take that into consideration.

1. Air control.
I play a lot of rocket league and find the controls in the air the best I've played with. In GRIP, when you are in the air I definitely find it hard to rotate my car in a better position. Personally what would be best for me, considering this is a fast-paced game where reflexes are some-what involved (and should be);
a. Air Roll vs. Turn (in air): Default turn left, right, up, down. Holding button, roll left, roll right, up, down. Not sure if that made sense.. (Played another game to test, yeah this works but.. MAKE IT FASTER!!!!!!)
b. Boost: Possibly adding a 'boost' or 'NOS' whilst flying to help you land in a safer spot on the track. Maybe a limited amount would be preferable, making you aim for those jumps to get a little booster. I read this is implemented but I couldn't work it out. Maybe make it a bit stronger?

2. Controls.
First race was with keyboard and i failed epically... Seemed to be a bit related to input lag but I'm not positive. I had to use a program called 'Input Mapper' so my ds4 controller would work. I'm sure if you are planning on releasing this game to Console then DS4 controller support will come in time. I also find steering to be too slow. I understand at faster paces steering should be harder but the game is called GRIP.. You should be able to 'dodge' around obstacles or aim for a jump a little better. That's my opinion though.

3. Collisions.
I'm sure you are aware that any collision with another car causes you to either crash or come to a complete stop. Same if you collide into some obstacles. Possibly Implementing objects that will break when you drive through them but it will take away some health and/or slow you down. Hitting walls seems okay but i think you bounce a little too make. Much better than sticking to the walls though!

4. Side of map walls.
I went off the track a little bit and hit an invisible wall on the ground. I know this is a hard one but maybe in a few places a barrier pointing the right way would be nice, Especially on corners considering there is no mini-map :)

Seriously though. The more weapons the better! Also shooting forward/backward options would be cool too! Maybe an animation of the weapon (guns popping out from car when you pickup the item) Might help with knowing which weapon you picked up.

6. Acceleration after crash.
I'm sure all cars are different and you should have a drawback for crashing but please increase the acceleration between 0kph and 250/300kph to help you catch back up to speed. I crashed in 1st and ended up 8th :(

7. Weird camera
Not sure if this is just me but i do find the camera kinda weird at slower speeds. I think an arrow would be better than a forward facing camera.

8. Stats/Achievements.
Either in game and externally or both. Would be nice to have this bonus feature. You might have it already.. :P

9. More booster pads.
On the roof, before jumps and outside lines, making you want to take a risky/crazy path.

10. Replay
Would be cool to see a replay option so you can rewatch any player. Would be good to see the best lines or if something cool happened, to watch it at a different angle

So that's my improvement/suggestion list.. I'm sure most of it is resolved but continuously playing and growing accustom to the game. Other than that the rest of the game is amazing. Awesome position map, effects (you really feel like you're going 500kph), map variation, weapons, overall HUD

Games i find similar:
Rollcage (obviously)
Rocket League
Mario Kart
Not sure if this helps but might help you to implement new features/ideas

All of this is my opinion and I want to do the best I can in order to help this game. If you'd like me to elaborate on ANYTHING feel free to ask. I will give my honest opinion!! Even things I didn't mention. I'd love to help as much as I can. In all seriousness, this is THE BEST 'early access game' I've ever played and have high hopes for the full release. You have come a long way in a year and can't wait for more. I will be following along every day! Please reply because I'd love to hear your response <3

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Re: First Impressions/Implementations

Postby Chris_CE » Mon Feb 06, 2017 4:46 pm

Hey leighbang, glad you like the game! :)

1. Our air control system will never be as arcadey as something like Rocket League, though I agree that it could use some more love. We don't want to make it too automatic though, as it depletes some of the challenge. You can accelerate and brake in the air, is that what you meant by knowing boost is implemented?

2. Full DS4 support will be in the final game. Have you messed with the steering settings in the controls menu? I suggest doing so next play

3. Destructible objects are coming, and yep, we know alllll about the collision issues

4. We've got signs with arrows posted in quite a few spots, plus there's an indicator for the track direction on the HUD in the top center. Any corner in particular not have enough signposting?

5. More are in development

6. Some cars have better acceleration than others, but lower top speed. Try the Cygon Cyclone if you want to get back in the action the quickest. Keep in mind that Grip is not as arcadey as other futuristic racing games, though

7. There's a direction indicator on the HUD. The camera at low speeds helps with recovering from a crash. Is there something specific you don't like about it?

8. Coming

9. Still need to implement these fully

10. Coming later

Thanks for the kind words at the end. We're doing our best to provide a great early access experience and an awesome homage to rollcage. ;)
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