Physics and collisions bugs

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Physics and collisions bugs

Postby Kerake » Fri Nov 04, 2016 2:14 pm

Hi! I know most of the physics bugs are known, but I recorded a race that gave me some extrange collisions that I never experienced before, so I wanted to share the video:
- 0:57 -> I was going to get the pickup and suddenly my car bounced off.
- 1:39 -> I'm not sure if I didn't make the move correctly, but it felt pretty strange.
- 3:05 -> Suddenly, the car just bumped off the wall.
- 3:47 -> I was going to climb the wall but I was blocked (I think this one has been reported before, I commented it just in case)

I'm going to post two bugs that I found and commented on the announcements thread, just in case you guys didn't read it :D
- When a shield is destroyed, the names on the battle log are inverted (for example, I destroy the shield of X, the log says "X {shield} Me").
- Noticed a little bug that's not mentioned: when you finish a race and the camera starts to follow the cars, the exhausts of the cars don't show the flames except when they change gear.
- When you are gonna change the tires of the new car, the "internal" position on the list is overwriting the next, but it's fixed once you change again the tires.

Thanks for your time, good luck! ;)

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Re: Physics and collisions bugs

Postby Chris_CE » Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:45 am

Yeah, for lack of a better term, the collision for the Warlander is f***ed right now. It bounces and catches like crazy in comparison to the others. We'll figure out why this month

I noted the other issues down ;)
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