[LOGGED] Shield still active after dying in Arena mode

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[LOGGED] Shield still active after dying in Arena mode

Postby Ripper Roo » Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:48 pm

Summary of the bug : The shield stays active, even after dying in Arena mode.

When does this happen : While "racing"

On which track did it happen : Biodome

On which speed did that happen (if related to physics) : Any

How often does this happen : Always... at least if you replicate the steps below.

How to replicate the steps (if reproducible) : Play in Arena mode, pick up a shield, use it and wait to be destroyed by an opponent without losing your shield (by a mine or any front-facing attacks). The car is dead, but the shield stays active.

More details : Just noticed that it happens to opponents as well. If he had a shield and got killed, his shield stays active (cf. Screenshot 2).

Your specs : See here

Any screenshot, or link to a video showing the bug : Screenshot 1 / Screenshot 2

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