Some more graphical glitch V1.0.4.0

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Some more graphical glitch V1.0.4.0

Postby The Sudden Silent » Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:39 pm

Some of these may be notified earlier been here I inject certainty, a couple of pictures more small repairs.

I made a post because even these, if no one else has yet announced these.


1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 missing pieces inside red or yellow circle

7 reset bug area

10 light in the sky??
last screenshot i dont know what happen. bug huds looks loaded incorrect positions on my screen --- my resolution 1600 x 900 windowed

all graphics max
ai hard
ai catch up off
8 lap


I was thinking at the same time to ask whether what kind of plan that would, at a new car and a new track in the game?

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