[LISTED] Arena Upside-down Camera After Losing

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[LISTED] Arena Upside-down Camera After Losing

Postby bockadilla » Sun Feb 07, 2016 7:47 am

Hey again.

Encountered this interesting bug, don't know how many others have found it, though didn't see it in the list.

Summary of the bug : After losing in an Arena battle, when the camera moves position (jumps to different spot on map), it sometimes flips upside-down

Which version of Grip were you using :

When does this happen : (after launching the game, in the menu, while racing, ...)
After losing in an Arena battle

On which track did it happen : (Industrial, Playground, ...)
Tested on Biodome and Basin

On which speed did that happen (if related to physics) : (Low, Medium, High)
Low, pretty sure it wouldn't affect it

How often does this happen : (Always, very often, occasionally, could not make it happen again)
Occasionally, sometimes acts normally

How to replicate the steps (if reproducible) :
Lose in a match.

More details :
Your place in the match doesn't seem to matter. Not sure if the camera position on the map matters. It doesn't correct itself after happening.

Your specs :
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.60GHz
Windows 10 64-bit

Any screenshot, or link to a video showing the bug :

1:57 - Car explodes, camera flips shortly after. The Gattler sound effects also continue playing and graphic still shows after death.
2:26 - Car explodes, camera changes position without flipping as normal. AI locks onto car with missle even after death.
4:28 - Car explodes, camera flips shortly after. The gattler graphic and sound effects still show after death, and AI are able to lock on with homing missle.

Thanks! Wasn't sure whether post this here or just in the video section.
BTW the weird framerate was just because of the recording software/computer. Framerate is normally consistent.

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