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Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:08 am
by Falkerz
Played a bit of GRIP on my desktop. Feels like too long since I did that. Love the asset changes in by the way.

Win 8.1 Pro N x64
GTX 770 4GB
FX-8320 @3.5GHz
16GB 1866MHz DDR3
Corsair CX750M Semi-Modular PSU


Visual Settings:
Spoiler: show
  • RESOLUTION- 1920x1080
  • AA- FXAA
  • AO- ON
  • Models- EPIC
  • Shadows- EPIC
  • Effects- EPIC
  • Textures- EPIC
  • Post Process- EPIC
  • Motion Blur- HIGH (as a kite)
  • Screen Sync- ON

Race Settings:
Spoiler: show
  • Laps- 4
  • Combatants- 10
  • Difficulty- Medium
  • Pickups- ON
  • Catchup Assist- ON
  • Destructable Vehicles- ON
  • Reversi- OFF
  • Mirror- OFF
  • Engine Power- High

Alhatra Wastes:
MAX: 53
MIN: 30 (the long tunnel shortcut after the sweeping right hander with the weapons on the ceiling was the culprit here)

Yuri Industrial:
MAX: 60
MIN: 29
(On a side note, at 8:40 in the video, you can watch me bait an assassin missile quite expertly. Even if it did mean I had to completely balls up my lap time...)

MAX: 60
MIN: 29

Overall average fps: 41

For a dump of screenshots I took while racing these tracks (including a couple of bugs) check

And here's that video I was talking about. Feel free to download it for your own private viewing pleasure, but if you put it onto the public internets without asking me, I'm going to demand cake. Unless you're Chris. Chris gets a free pass :D. ... .0.8.1.mp4