Here you can post your system specs and the kind of performance you're getting when running GRIP
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Postby uset » Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:00 pm

i have some issues with grip on my laptop (Lenovo z50-75: FX-7500 with integrated r7 graphic card and an r7 260m with 8gb of ram).
This game only using the processor on 30%.
The crossfire is not working, furthermore its only using the integretid card on full load but only in 200mhz.
The laptop in not overheating.

Crossfire worked on other Unreal engine 4 game (Unreal tournament 4).

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Re: Crossfire

Postby Falkerz » Fri Apr 29, 2016 4:10 am

Slightly confused here. Can you give a full list of the specs in your machine? Speccy is good enough for that (free from Piriform). From what I understand, you have a laptop with an AMD Quad Core mobile CPU, namely this one: ... 332.0.html

You mentioned the R7 260M as well (assuming it's an R7 M260) which is a more powerful GPU. However, you would need to check the settings in your AMD control panel to double check that the discrete GPU is being used. I had this issue with my laptop as well, where I had to force GRIP to use the main GPU only. I don't believe that SLI or Crossfire are supported much at this time.

Out of interest, which AMD control software / driver do you have installed for the GPU? I might be able to help you double check the settings for it if you like.
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