i5 2450M 2.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, integrated Graphics (Toshiba Laptop)

Here you can post your system specs and the kind of performance you're getting when running GRIP
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i5 2450M 2.4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, integrated Graphics (Toshiba Laptop)

Postby DigitallyRemixd » Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:44 pm

Win 7 Home Prem.
HD Graphics 3000 (Integrated)
i5 2450M 2.4 GHz
6 gb RAM

Res: 720p (?)
AA: off
AF: 4x
AO: off
Shadows: lowest
Effects: lowest
Textures: lowest
Post Process: lowest
Motion Blur: off

Main Menu fps: 30~
In Race FPS: 4-10 (barely unplayable, inputs have serious delay and....well, low frames)
In Playground FPS: 10-15 FPS (playable, but inputs have slight delay....was fine until i knocked out some pillars under a building and dropped to 3 FPS)

- Dualshock 4 controller does work. I was using the DS4 to Xinput wrapper.
- i only played for like 10 mins but the 1st race i did, i managed to reach the entrance to the first tunnel and somehow ended up driving up the invisible wall right above the tunnel entrance. then it finally fell backwards and i landed right outside the left barrier and i was able to drive around on the sidelines. i was trying to go further but i got permanently stuck on a rock :/
- In Playground, i took the 90 degree ramps and landed inside of one pretty much. i could drive around inside and the only way to get out was to ram yourself through the ramp side, https://imgur.com/a/5lIE5

when i get back to my home in a few days, ill try it out on my desktop and my awesome 21:9 monitor. hopefully itll work

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