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1.2.9 Performance Core i5, GTX 1050 Ti + bug in Abandoned Atoll and thoughts on AI

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:39 pm
by the-GURU-man
Win 7
i5 3470
GTX 1050 Ti
240W PSU

Res 1080p
Mix of Medium/High settings

Game runs smoothly around 50-60 fps on mix of med/high settings at FHD resolution. As expected from GTX 1050 Ti. Could go with nicer graphics, but more "cinematic" framerates.
Noticed that Abandoned Atoll is a bit buggy. Especially in the big climb, sharp turn and deep descent place - I went around the corner and the game thought I was going the wrong direction, was using incorrect camera angle. Also the part when going through the broken ship, it's way too hard to stay driving on top of the ship or through the insides.
My feeling is that AI is way too aggressive in using the "mind bending" power-up. It's very frustrating to lose control over the vehicle in the most difficult/technical parts of the track. Can you tone it down a bit? Or maybe just not spawn the "mind bender" power-up just before the steep climb with sharp turn, and before the broken ship?