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Welcome to the GRIP forum!

Postby Overseer » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:37 pm

Hey, welcome to the GRIP forum.

If you're new to the forum, thanks for joining us here!
Unfortunately, your first post will not be visible to others until moderators have approved it. They check the forum very often, so it won't take long.
After your first post is approved, your account is automatically upgraded so that you can post freely without needing moderator approval.
May I suggest our meet & greet thread? :)

We have our rules of course.
It can be summerized as "don't be a prick".
Posting in an old thread (called "necro") is okay if it's on-topic and contributes to the topic, but imagine how others will feel about it.
If you found the solution to a year-old bug, feel free to post it in the relevant thread.
Only posting "I agree" in a year-old suggestion thread is frowned upon.

The subforum names are fairly self-explanatory. GRIP Early Access Feedback should contain threads about the current Early Access state of the game; bug reports, feedback on the latest update etc.
Vehicles, Tracks, Weapons etc. is for suggestions and such that are more about what you'd like to see in the final release of GRIP.
Browsing these and using the search function at the top of the forum should help you find threads relevant to what you want to discuss about GRIP.

GRIP has a vocal community of old Rollcage players. Don't be discouraged from discussion; everyone's opinion is equal and worth a lot to us, even if you suggest we implement aerial control like Rocket League.
Try to keep in mind that Caged Element is a very small team though, so even if you come up with an awesome idea, we might not have the manpower or time to focus on it.

Interesting links:
The GRIP homepage! Read about the game's backstory, the dev team, planets, pickups etc.
The GRIP discord channel. You can find other GRIP players to play multiplayer with here.
GRIP update announcements and changelogs.
Developer polls. The developers will post polls here when they need feedback on a specific subject.

Q: Does the game have a tutorial?
A: A written one can be found by clicking this text and we have a short work in progress 'Primer' in the game that'll teach players the basics.

Q: My controller doesn't work with GRIP.
A: Only Xinput controllers are supported for now. You can use software like x360ce (or DS4Windows for Playstation 4 controllers) to make your controller work with GRIP.

Q: Will GRIP support steering wheels?
A: Yes, eventually. In this early stage of development we don't have the resources yet to implement this.

Q: Will GRIP support VR?
A: We're not sure. Let us know if you want it ;)

Q: I'd like to have my music featured in GRIP!
A: We appreciate contributions, but we already have a very full roster of musicians. You can email chris@cagedelement.com directly, but keep in mind your music may not be a good fit for the game, or not up to the quality we're looking for.

Q: The game doesn't launch!
A: Here's a list of what fixed this issue for other users.

Q: Will the game have a Linux/Mac/BSD/MS-Dos version?
A: This depends on the potential market. If a lot of users voice the support, it can be an option for the game once it exits Early Access.

Q: Will the game have console versions?
A: A console version is planned. We'll hopefully have more information on this soon.

Got any further questions? Feel free to send us nudes a PM.
(New users that don't have an approved post (or guests) will need to send us an email instead, as they can't PM yet.)

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Re: Welcome to the GRIP forum!

Postby Chris_CE » Wed May 03, 2017 8:57 am

Thanks Lord Overseer
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