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Rules and Guidelines - READ BEFORE POSTING

Postby Overseer » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:05 am


Grip is not a sequel to Rollcage (RC) or Rollcage Stage 2 (RCS2) and we do not own any of the material from those games. Grip is a completely separate IP and a spiritual successor to those games.
We will not be copying anything directly from RC or RCS2.

So please DO NOT do the following:

- Refer to Grip as "Rollcage 3", and promote it anywhere with that name.

- Ask for tracks/cars/music/etc from RC or RCS2 to be used or remastered in Grip, or make requests for any specific features exclusive to RC or RCS2 to be in Grip exactly as they were in the Rollcage games.

- Think that Grip is going to be an exact replica of the Rollcage games we know and love. We want to make our own game, and there will be many differences from the games we are using as inspiration.

With that said, thanks for being part of the forum... and have fun :D


- This is an English website, all forum posts must be written in English -- Any thread topics or replies written in a language other than English may be removed without notice. This is mainly because we cannot moderate languages we do not understand.

- No "flaming" or "badgering" -- writing hostile or insulting messages aimed at other users for their views, comments, status as a user on the site, or any other reason. You can disagree with someone's views and still be polite about it.

- No "trolling" -- posting controversial (sometimes off-topic) messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply. Also, please do not feed trolls.

- No "spamming" -- No advertisements, or referral links to other services. You can link to news about other video games, though.
Try not to post replies that are less than 7 words long, and do not post for the sake of forum post count. Your posts may be removed if we see you consistently posting unhelpful or non-contributing messages to our site.

- No "necro" behavior -- posting replies on very old (dead) threads which have not been locked. We only allow "necro" replies in VERY rare circumstances, all other cases will find your reply removed. If you feel strongly enough about posting a reply, please discuss with a Moderator whether to start a new thread of discussion.

- No discussions of software piracy, hacking, illegal material. -- Linking to these activities will not be tolerated.

- Do not post material that is hateful or mean towards race, religion, sex, or any other offensive nature.

- Do not post lewd or offensive content, or links to lewd or offensive content. Keep everything Safe for Work, and remember that all kinds of people may visit this site.

- No excessive swearing or language. Also, do not attempt to use any means to bypass the profanity filter, such as misspelling a cuss word, or using punctuation or spaces. We are much more likely to ban users for this behavior than those who let the profanity filter replace cuss words with *'s instead. Still, try not to swear too much.

- Please do not "hijack" a forum thread by changing the subject. If you want to change the subject, please start a new message thread. Keep things on topic.

- Do not complain about getting banned, and do not make another account to circumvent a ban. Do not complain about other users being banned, in the forums or on profile pages of other users.

- Do not complain publicly if a moderator removes a message you posted. We trust our moderators, and if they've removed a message, they had a good reason. If you want to know why your message was deleted, politely ask a moderator.

- Do not post any personal information about you or anyone else. We don't want to know your street address, phone number, kidney count or brand of shaving creme you use.

- Turn off your caps lock, do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts.

- Do not copy or plagiarize comments.

- Do not post messages containing images of typed text, especially in an alternate color. This confuses other members who may think you have some special authority, which is against our Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions about these rules, you may contact a moderator.


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