My 2 cents for increasing the fun factor

Here you give us specific suggestions on how you think the private release can be improved.

This isn't for bug reports, this is for features (example: wrong way indicator)
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My 2 cents for increasing the fun factor

Postby Chong » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:51 pm

First let me say, awesome game !!! the fundamentals are spot on and I'm having a lot of fun with it.
Below are some suggestions on how to iron out some of the frustrations I currently have with the game.

> Increase acceleration speed
> reduce time to initiate slowmo
> speed up slowmo
> add five second limit to slowmo
> add 15 second cooldown to slowmo
> increase car responsiveness in slowmo
> increase speed of personal boost
> reduce duration of personal boost

acceleration speed - currently the acceleration speed feels far too punishing. If during a race I crash, get thrown into some rocks, spin out or in any way have to come too a complete stop the time it takes for me to get back into the race feels way too long and really disrupts the flow of the game.
I think this is particularly pertinent in a combat racing game where crashing or being taken out by opponents is an inevitability.
I want to be able to drive recklessly, wipe out and get back in the race quickly so I can do more damage.
Grip for me is best when surrounded by cars, rockets, machine gun fire and explosions. The more steps you can take to maximise this and reduce downtime the better.

slowmo - I do like the slowmo feature but currently it feels like a little strange. It feels like it doesn't fit with the rest of the games philosophy but I don't think this has to be the case.
I think a few adjustments could make this feels a lot more in keeping with the flow of the game.
The only time I really want to use slowmo is as a get out of jail free card if someone gets wiped out in front of me I want to hit slowmo fast and be able to swerve around them.
This gives me a sense of agency in the game and just gives me another tool to play around with during the race.
The current implementation of slowmo doesn't really allow for this style of play. it takes a long time to kick in and there is no increase in my cars responsiveness which usually means I have to simply watch myself crash in slow motion which isn't very fun.
I also feels like it's just too slow, and takes me out of the race too much. A shorter, quicker burst of slowmo would provide the same functionality but not disrupt the rythm of the race quite so much.

personal boost - currently doesn't feel like it does a whole lot. If I use it I want to feel it.
Same idea as the slowmo, it is a nice tool to play around, and it gives the player a good sense of feedback and a sense of control over my destiny instead of relying on the luck of the draw from pickups.
If the personal boost was sufficiently powerful it could also work as an alternative too increasing the acceleration speed. Since I could just pop my boost after a bad crash to get me back in the race.

Overall I think these kind of adjustments would make Grip feel faster punchier and more engaging.
Anything that can be done to increase my sense of agency during a race is a positive thing.
I love the sense of mayhem you get when your racing ten other cars all jostling for position but the more tools I have to at my disposal and the more snappy and responsive these tools are to my inputs the more fun and engaging the game will be.

You guys have done an awesome job and I hope you continue to develop GRIP as long as you can. I look forward to seeing where development goes in the future.

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Re: My 2 cents for increasing the fun factor

Postby MicrowaveYourHamster » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:58 am

I agree with the strangeness of the slow motion feature. For me it is so weird and the contrast between it and normal speed of things is so great that I ended up avoiding using the slo-mo. I lose focus because of it and crash very often. I guess this feature should retain some of the game's twitchiness.

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Re: My 2 cents for increasing the fun factor

Postby Queadah » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:13 am

1st post isn't about slowmo exlusively, but on that topic, I think GRIP has simply not taken the time to cater for it.

I said it ad nauseum already, but this feature is a bit dull for now and GRIP would gain for it to be stylized and pumped up A LOT:
  • Max Payne style slowmo FTW
  • Heartbeat sound
  • Varying FOV in rythm with the heartbeat sound (like our vision is pumping)
  • Grey/black and white filter
  • Environment and car sound much lower
  • Music sound lowered AND distorted
This would kick serious balls

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Re: My 2 cents for increasing the fun factor

Postby Chong » Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:11 pm

yeah but my biggest gripe is still the slow acceleration.
I feel sluggish.
I feel like this is partly a design decision of behalf of the devs to make it feel heavy and grounded.
To make the cars feel like they are 20 ton tanks and I can see where they are coming from but its just too much.

Rollcage is not the game i play to feel big and weighty and neither should grip be.
I want one thing and one thing alone speeeeed.

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Re: My 2 cents for increasing the fun factor

Postby Chris_CE » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:02 pm

Hey Chong

Resetting is always going to be faster than correcting yourself after a bad crash, regardless of how fast we make the cars accelerate. People are already jumping straight to the reset button when they crash/mess up. That said, now with the new boost mechanic, players can much more quickly get back up to speed and stay competitive

Speaking of boost, have you tried the latest version? Because it's much improved with visual indication of it's use. The new track "Haze" is also great for battling with other cars and staying pretty close together.

As for slow mo, this is something we just left in for fun, it's not really a feature. Either we'll be ripping it right out, or having it trigger for specific moments in single player races
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