Bigger Arrows on tracks

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Bigger Arrows on tracks

Postby Heliox » Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:21 am

Hey guys,

I don't know if it is too late for suggestions but I believe that the game is sometimes visually confusing. I am talking about racing tracks. I feel like sometimes it is confusing to see where to go, it is not so instinctive. Don't get me wrong, Im not saying that it is a mess and we do not know what to do but I really feel like it could be improved.

For example, when you arrive to a turn in Alhatra Wastes, you have small arrows that indicates where to go. Almost invisible. The idea is to get that bigger to better guide the eye where we should focus on, what is the main road. Adding bigger and more contrasted arrows to show the player that "this is a race, you should go this way" could help him. I know that whenever you play a lot a game you get used to the tracks so the direction becomes unconsciously obvious but I believe as a new player it is important to be guided.

It could also helps the player to make a distinction between shortcuts and main road and then improve the feeling to get a secret passage, the feeling of discovering the track. In all racing games such as Mario kart, SSX, WipEout and many others I remember that feeling "hey I found a secret shortcut".

In addition to that, it could help to cut off this monochrome impression a bit. There is little lights sometimes on the track to guide you and that makes it a bit more alive but sometimes I feel like I am in the desert with nothing around or in a grey monoblock. Perhaps that is the main purpose to feel driving on an unknown planet but to me it sounds a bit artificial.
Indicating to the player that this is a race could help him imagining the reason of that race. Why he is racing now. I am almost certain that adding bigger arrows will not change a lot for that last point and other stuff should be added to help on that but it could contributes in my opinion.

What do you think ?

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