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Why not a one button queuing system

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:02 am
by shinelucid
I feel like the lobby system is just underwhelming for online gaming experience, and feels a bit outdated like the old counter strike server list back in the day although it was popular back then you find many matches in the server list, nowadays most online multiplayer games rely on queuing system with few filter parameters to tweak before queuing, I think it would work fine with grip as it makes mp a little more natural, even if you queue without changing anything you end up in a default match in a random map with everybody else that did the same as you, rocket ligue has a find match button for exemple and it has a quiet decent player base. Another thing that gamers seek for in an online game is an official ranked system, so alongside a normal queuing you can add a ranked queue for ranked game, this will be the competitve aspect of grip, where only the elite grip players with highest scores get rewarded the top ranks with maybe unique skins and titles...