[READ] my experiece playing grip

Here you give us specific suggestions on how you think the private release can be improved.

This isn't for bug reports, this is for features (example: wrong way indicator)
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[READ] my experiece playing grip

Postby dzilla1080 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:24 pm

So let me start with the good:
GFX are quite impressive. Love the visuals, the sound...pretty much everything I can see and hear is spectacular. LOVE the music too.
Love the tracks that we start with. Reminds me of Star Wars pod racers from N64 in that theyre large and the scenery is pleasing.
My favorite weapon as of now is the missile. Those machine guns tho...absolute beast mode.

Questions now:
Is it just me? I cant seem to control my vehicle we. Everytime i land a jump my car spins out. Any sudden movement while moving can cause me to spin out. Does this need to be fixed or am i just a bad driver? When getting back on the track, the car accelerates painfully slow. Maybe its just the car stats?

I cant tell you how many time my car would begin drifting left and right and then i hit a rock. Which brings me to my next question. Being that these tracks seem large and im still new to it, i believe a wrong way sign is in need? I know this has been addressed but im just giving my personal experience. When I compare flipping out in RC to this one, in RC i regain control quickly and im back in the race. In GRIP, its a lot slower to do that. Im not sure why at this moment but i definitely feel it.

Speed boost when we accelerate at the right time after 1?

Do certain part of the track need to be blocked off more? I ran into a rock and flew in to some unknown area that lead me no where so i had to drive over that same rock to get back on track. Also, some scenery like pipes i can drive through like its not even there.

One more thing, the camera. Should there be an option to adjust camera angle and distance from the car? Also, sometimes the camera will go through a wall after spinning out in a tunnel. Def a bug.

I know it just sounds like im bitching but i really am enjoying the game for what it is right now. i cant wait to see how it progresses over time!

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Re: my experiece playing grip

Postby wantfastcars » Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:09 am

The car control thing is a known glitch with collision detection brought about by how UE4 works. Chris and Rob are working on it, but it will take time, and it will not be easy.

I believe the starting-line-speed-boost is planned.

Certain parts of Industrial do need more tweaking, yes. I believe Chris mentioned in another thread that that's going to be the big thing in the next patch.

There actually IS an option to adjust camera distance. Up/down on the D-Pad on a controller, or... I think +/- on keyboard? That said, Chris is planning on reworking the camera.

And yes, the game is great right now. Honestly, I think the two biggest things it needs are to iron out that collision bug and more content, and I'd consider it a complete game.
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Re: my experiece playing grip

Postby Chris_CE » Sun Dec 06, 2015 1:23 am

It's not you, its UE4's collision. It's been a very uphill battle for Rob to tame collisions in the engine and there's still a ways to go. That said, the next patch may help with that.

Wrong way indicator is planned for next patch

The starting line speed boost will no doubt come, just not priority right now

I've fixed a ton of blocking volumes in Industrial. Should be good to go now

Camera collision is much better, plus there's a new camera view that's further from the car. Next patch

Not bitching, valid points ;) But please take a look at the bug and suggestion lists we have to see if things have been mentioned

EDIT: wantfastcars beat me to it
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