GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

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GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Chris_CE » Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:54 pm

This fun update includes a spooky new menu, updated "Alhatra" racetrack with Halloween themes, new shields for each vehicle manufacturer, and a NEW car! The Vintek Warlander!


The Vintek Warlander:

NOTE: For those of you who are using the Private branch on Steam, that version still has multiplayer functionality, but will not have the Halloween updates. We are working on that for a release this weekend

Here is a list of some known issues with this patch:

  • The menus only support mouse navigation right now. Gamepad support will be coming as soon as possible.
  • Vehicle physics can be screwy at times, causing your car to bounce unexpectedly, catch on geometry or spend too much time in the air. We've been aware of these types of issue for a while and have constantly been improving physics as we go. We won't stop until GRIP's cars are a dream to drive
  • Some users with older PCs may experience lower performance with the last few patches. This is due to us updating our custom Unreal Engine version to 4.12, and not having the time to fully optimize yet. We'll be looking at this over the next month
  • For very few users the game may freeze periodically while playing. This is an issue associated with UE4, of which Epic are aware. If you experience this, some possible workarounds can be found HERE or HERE
  • Pickups balancing still needs work, as the EMP gets spammed more than we'd like it to.
  • Driving through a pumpkin pickup may cause a slight delay. We're looking into this
  • The Vintek Warlander's rim customization is broken. It actually doesn't have any custom rims yet, so the rims screen will be unavailable next patch
  • The Vintek shield may have an issue where it gets disabled unexpectedly
  • Some users are reporting that pausing the game after finishing an event gets rid of mouse navigation
  • Some Vintek sound effects may be louder than other sounds. This will be fixed next patch
  • Missile navigation may not work properly on occasion. we're looking into this
  • Transport: There are a few areas of the map where you can reset outside of the race tunnel and fall into the void.
  • Alhatra Wastes: The car likes to bounce around more on this map than any other, unfortunately. Also, the map still needs some flow work, including a rebuild of the upper path to the left past the bridge in the forwards direction

A list of added stuff in this patch:
  • A NEW vehicle! The Vintek Warlander. This is a vintage type vehicle from a new manufacturer. It's also the first mid-class car we've put in the game, having performance and weight characteristics somewhere in between the Dreadnaught and the Dominator
  • A spooky menu skin complete with totally scary pumpkins
  • A modified version of Alhatra Wastes that has vibrant Halloween themes throughout. Look out for the bats!
  • New shield designs for the Cygon and Vintek manufacturers. This helps give each car brand their own identity
  • 4 new carkour maps of varying difficulty
  • New "Slicks" tires available for any vehicle type
  • Windowed and Windowed Full Screen options are now available in the the settings menu (be sure to restart the game)
  • Adjusted steering sensitivity to allow for less twitchy settings
  • Fixed issue with vehicle rims turning red when the game uses their LODs
  • Various other bug fixes

If you want to give feedback, or need to report any issues, please visit our forum (be sure to check the bugs and crashes lists before posting):

Or you can visit the Steam Page

To all of our players, thank you for supporting us, and we hope you'll like what we've got coming in our next updates!
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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby TheOnLY » Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:19 pm

new favourite car confirmed :D
I think the stuttering might actually be a DCP latency issue. After windows decided turn bandwidth control back on again :x. I experienced this issue. Enabling it skyrockets my DPC latency. Disabling it again fixed it.
Spoiler: show
Sourcengine games (CS:GO to be specific) actually show the same behavior, just less extreme (maybe because the run at like 300FPS anyway :lol: )

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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Sigrid » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:13 pm

Is the patch only available for the public version of the game? It's set on "Private - early web site backers" at home and there is no update. :P
I guess i'll see about that tomorrow, it's time to sleep anyway!
But the new car seems really cool, and the halloween stuff as well! ;)

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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby StickyBassline » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:42 pm

Wow! Didn't expect a Halloween update :D
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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Tathendal » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:50 pm

Oh my... I must be having the greatest dream. Such awesome. I've found a new favourite car too! Guys, the flames from the exhaust pipes when shifting gears... The weight of the car... The acceleration... The power... And... THE SOUND OF THE GATTLERS. I love it.

The halloween update. I never have liked any games' halloween updates. They seem pretentious and in my country there really hasn't been any halloween things so I can't relate that much to it but man, I gotta admit, I like this. I like the design of the pumpkins and the color scheme of Alhatra. It feels... how you say it... Eerie? And it is made with style, not just so that "let's slap some pumpkins here hah hah" And the sound when you drive on a pick up "CRUNCH" really nice.

I must say, I am really loving this game.

(on a side note a thought that came in to my head (which probably has been much discussed already and otherwise is pretty obvious) just a moment ago when racing: this game is going to be so epic, and I think a track editor would give this game probably pretty much an infinite life. It must be hard as hell to implement, but yeah, just felt that I had to say it outloud).

Thank you and Good night <3

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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Kerake » Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:56 pm

Noticed a little bug that's not mentioned: when you finish a race and the camera starts to follow the cars, the exhausts of the cars don't show the flames except when they change gear.
New car is pretty damn cool! I still prefer how the Cyclone handles, though. BTW, the new steering feels strange, not sure if it's better or worse than before (I had to put the analog sensibility to around 70% to compensate a bit).
The new shields are cool also (my favourite is still the original one, but I like them all), why are they different in color?
And the last one: why was the MP removed? D:
Thanks for all, good work! :)

EDIT: Another bug that I found: when you are gonna change the tires of the new car, the "internal" position on the list is overwriting the next, but it's fixed once you change again the tires, just wanted to point it out.

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Ryu Makkuro
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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Ryu Makkuro » Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:35 pm

So Vintek after all, eh? Central and Eastern Europe will sure have a chuckle on that one.

Kerake wrote:And the last one: why was the MP removed? D:

It isn't removed. It's only for private branch for now, not public. Small thing, makes world of a difference :P

The Sudden Silent
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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby The Sudden Silent » Sat Oct 29, 2016 5:57 pm

why TERRA DOMINATOR AND TERRA dreadnaught using same shield?

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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Queadah » Sat Oct 29, 2016 8:31 pm

It's a feature ;)
Same manufacturers have the same shield. I like it that way and it solidifies design imo

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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby Sigrid » Sun Oct 30, 2016 3:32 am

So: i reinstalled the "not early backers" version, and got to try the Halloween content. ;)
The track looks really nice with pumpkins and the new lighting, and the Vintek is great (but the Cygon remains my favourite car in terms of manoeuvrability).
Well done!

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Re: GRIP Halloween update now in Steam default branch!

Postby VooDooQky » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:46 pm

I checked out the Halloween update aswell, and I have to say, that it is nicely done overall! I like the creepy Alhatra, the Warlander, and the new shields aswell. Amongst the few things which was awkward for me, are the shield's "set up" sounds. The new ones sound like someone just chopped a meat, especially the Vintek type. And the Warlander's hood seems like it didn't get enough attention on details.

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