[POLL] Are the cars "floaty"?

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Do the GRIP cars feel "floaty"?

Yes - all the time. They need to feel heavier in general
Yes - but they only feel floaty when you collide with something and enter the air
No - they feel fine for the speeds you're driving at
Maybe - I do think the feeling of weight can be improved
Total votes: 57

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Re: [POLL] Are the cars "floaty"?

Postby wantfastcars » Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:09 am

Playing some more, I feel like I've figured out what the problem is, at least for me - it feels like too much horizontal momentum gets converted to vertical momentum when you crash into anything remotely resembling a ramp or hill. I remember a long time ago Chris (or someone on the dev team) said that they wanted GRIP cars to "slam to a halt" when you ran into a wall, as specifically opposed to how you get launched in Rollcage. Which happens... if you hit a perfectly vertical wall dead-on from a flat surface. As soon as uneven terrain gets put into the equation, the cars turn into Saturn V's and go flying upwards.

Also, I agree with Demigan's points. Even without being on "Wild" engine settings, collisions (particularly with other vehicles) seem too ready to throw you completely off-kilter and causing you to crash. Citing the same example he did, if I'm going 450 km/h and a car in front of me is going around 300 km/h, I should blast him out of the way when I rear-end him, rather than him getting sped-up and me spinning out of control.

Also I really agree with what he is saying about physics feeling the same in any direction, which is probably a much better explanation of my earlier complaint (in a different thread) that sliding sideways feeling like I was on ice. It's because sliding sideways is treated the same (or too similar to) rolling forward or backwards. There's no (or very little) additional friction or traction when your wheels are perpendicular to the direction of motion, which causes slides and losses of control to feel extremely unnatural.
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Re: [POLL] Are the cars "floaty"?

Postby Demigan » Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:09 am

Ryu Makkuro wrote:
Queadah wrote:Voted "No".
I mean, giant tanks driving at 700kph hit obstacles and fly away, what did anyone expect?
Anything other than GRIP/Rollcage car would effing explode upon contact of anything with the kinetic energy alone.

If we go into that department, you have to include the fact that the cars are made out of materials that can withstand a lot more than even nowadays most durable tanks or what not. The power required to move those things is insane on its own, so naturally they should be a lot more durable and able to withstand a lot more along with simply being heavier than your typical tank.
That said, I'm not expecting to bust through a wall, but simply hitting a rock that is smaller than the car and not being spun/launched into the atmosphere.

Just think of this: With 3D printing and nanotechnology improving we could have these cars build up molecule by molecule. You could build things like Graphene tanks, which would be ultra-light and extremely durable, but if you think about it nothing would be stopping you from creating molecule structures that would be impossible with any "normal" way to produce them. You could find something other than carbon that could be a thousand times stronger than Graphene and still as light, the molecule structure being formed in such a way that it's nearly impossible to even knock a few molecules off in high-speed collisions, practically making your vehicle invulnerable unless some kind of threshold is reached.

This would allow for nearly indestructible and relatively light cars, but also cars that can carry specialised fuels. They could each house a miniature fusion plant to power itself for years without becoming too heavy, and with proper materials you can dissipate the heat later after a race, or dissipate it in some of the powerups.
This explains the vehicles durability when getting hit by the environment or freaking missiles. The reason why these cars are so big? Mostly to house whatever is necessary to protect the driver during a collision/explosion. If they don't just use a quantum-internet messaging system to remote control it from another solar system without any ping.
Funny thing, the 3D printing is just a guess I make that might not be possible in the end, but the quantum internet actually works and has several working prototypes around the world already.

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