GRIP Leagues - Poll to ask your opinion on an idea for scheduling races

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GRIP Leagues - Poll to ask your opinion on an idea for scheduling races

Postby potterman28wxcv » Mon May 29, 2017 8:14 pm

Link of the poll here -->

One of the problems of GRIP Multiplayer is that there is no ranking - beginners drive with veterans alike, which can lead to frustration when you cannot win the race.

I'd like to try a League system that would allow beginners to drive with beginners, and veterans with veterans. People would be seperated in leagues, randomly at first, and then those who win (say top 3 on a 10 players race) would go to the next league, while those who lose (bottom 3) would go back to the previous league.

Each week a spreadsheet would indicate who will play with who, what will be the game name, as well as what time and day (but i guess it would be fixed, like Friday 9 pm CEST). If someone can't come, no big deal if he told it before (1 day beforehand), else it's counted as a loss and he goes down one league. 2 times missing consecutive = 1 league down no matter what.

Each league would have two people that would have the responsibility to send me screenshots of the results - then I would enter them on the spreadsheet, and indicate the next step for the week after.

Each week would have 5 tracks taken randomly, possibly with reverse.

I hope it would help to solidify the multiplayer scene, and get at least one meeting time to play together with people of the same skill
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Re: GRIP Leagues - Poll to ask your opinion on an idea for scheduling races

Postby Chris_CE » Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:01 pm

I think we need proper stats, progression and rank before any leagues or tournaments in general can happen. Hopefully get those in within the next month
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