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why gears? (rant)

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:30 am
by shadyx49
I'm I the only one who feels like gears are completely out of place in grip, I mean this is the future and they didn't even get rid of gears?! like even today all electric cars are one geared, sure the car is jet powered and all but still that same power can be somehow be transferred to the wheels... WITHOUT gears! I don't know man but the more I play this game the less it makes sense to me, the flipping part I can understand maybe in the future they figured out how to make wheels so light that they change speeds so quickly with little friciton but the gears and the engines idk man its not my cup of tea, maybe one gear option would make it better, I don't like the idea that this game was designed to fit the popular racing aesthetic, its not even worth it, most racing games in our age are bad anyway might as well do something different, if I wanted to play something with gears I could go to grand tourismo or forza and feel a lot more satisfied with the gearing than here, why can't grip be a place where racers can have a break from regurlar racing jazz... even Rollcage agrees :'(

Re: why gears? (rant)

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:39 pm
by atv_123
From a completely non scientific standpoint, the gears give you a better sense of climbing through speed as opposed to just one sound that increases in pitch as the vehicle gets faster (IE, the Jet engine, or an electric car if one were to be made). In a game you don't have G forces slamming you back into your seat from the acceleration or anything like that, so there are other stimuli needed to make it seem like the vehicle is accelerating at a pretty good rate.

From a more scientific standpoint, IC engine or electric, more than likely these cars will need some form of gearing system, and I will try to explain my thoughts as to why it would make more sense to have them rather than not have them (remember, this is just an opinion and observations and nothing behind any of this really is meant as a counter to your argument... just trying to explain what I see in front of me)

Now... lets start with the first hurdle... speed.

These vehicles can hit tremendous speeds in game. We are talking about 500+ MPH here. If we guess that the tires on these vehicles are 8 ft tall, then that leaves us with a rather low sounding 666.9 RPM's at 500 MPH (I have no idea how big these things are, but I thought 8 feet sounded on the high side, so I went with that as smaller tires would only make the problem I am about to bring up worse). Now, in a different thread, I calculated how much power it would take to sling one of these cars from 0 to 400kph (why I did kph instead of mph I have no idea, but that's about 250mph) in about 3 seconds. Using the weight of an M1 Abrams tank of about 65 tons (which sounded about right to me) I came up with a needed HP of about 163,000 HP. That number is insanely high, but not impossible as I kinda proved in that thread with some math. Anyways, I did those calculations for an IC engine being assisted by Jet engines (also IC but you know what I mean). Naturally then the setup I was going for would have needed a transmission.

If we assume that we scrapped the Engines and went for electric motors, then we would have to have some crazy motors or much better jets than I was assuming. Let's assume that the jets can somehow generate 120,000 HP of the required 160,000 leaving 40,000 HP to still be made up somehow.

I found some 10,000 HP Electric motors on the interwebs that can spin at full load at 715 RPM's. It runs on 420 Amps and 13,200 Volts... that's a lot, but unimportant for what I am doing here. One of these for each tire would get the job done... and actually... kinda wholeheartedly kills my argument. I didn't think that these ultra high HP motors could spin that fast. I thought they would only be able to achieve about 400 RPM's, so in theory, it could be done. Now... the motor I found is about the size of a camper, but even still... I think most of that assembly is for cooling more than anything else so at these speeds, there should be plenty of cooling capacity.

Well then...

Well, at least you get to watch me go through the process there of discovering that... I am not going to remove the rest of the post because I am lazy, but yes, you could theoretically do it. The only downside would be the cost of that INSANE battery that would be needed to power such a machine, so perhaps some of them run IC's for cost while the rich guys run Electric :P

Re: why gears? (rant)

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:28 pm
by shadyx49
I don't care about how they store and generate enegry in these cars I'm not even gonna bother doing math with that, its the year 4000 or something, crazy sh*t happened with technology, but the things I'm sure of are that these cars are lighter than what they look like and they have super advanced jet engines they use them all the time since humans colonised the galaxy and they use 2 kinds of "pushing" power that is jet thrust and regular wheel torque its like two gears at once why would you need more torque than that?!!! maybe if we assume the car is super heavy like Abrahams tank heavy as you said then you would need some sort of transmission, maybe they just didn't figure out how to make lighter materials in the future, maybe cars in the future are not as efficient as today's electric cars, man I don't wanna be sarcastic but I don't believe that last statement, the only thing that justifies gears for me is just coming straight out from the good old petroleum engine, but do grip cars work on petroleum do I have to believe that? I don't know maybe that's the best they could do for that particular age, but it's not an idea I like to keep in mind while playing this game...

Re: why gears? (rant)

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:51 pm
by the-GURU-man
Dude, it's just a game. You're overthinking it. Just relax and enjoy the craziness ;)