Reverse mode vs. Normal mode Difficulty Change

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Reverse mode vs. Normal mode Difficulty Change

Postby Mobiusman1 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:02 pm

Have you guys noticed how the difficulty of a track seems to change when you play it in reverse? Like for instance;

My favorite map is Norvos but i enjoy racing on there even more when i do it in reverse. But i noticed that the difficulty of the track is easier compared to its normal direction when its backwards. Maybe its because im able to understand what works for the flow of the race better in one direction than the other, but i noticed the same thing on Jahtra too.

The daytime map (can't remember its name) is FAR easier if you do it backwards than forwards. I crashed less often, had more control of the direction i was going when i launched off a jump, and i even noticed the npc's performing better than normal when we did the track in reverse mode than it's forwards direction. {the npc's always have done bad on this track EVERY time i played on it. I know its track difficulty class is hard, but watching the other cars crash so bad or just get stuck in general was laughable but kinda sad at the same time}

This isnt neccessarily a good/bad thing, and maybe there isn't a correlation at all, however im curious if you guys have noticed anything similar. Or maybe you've seen something entirely different than me, let us know! I love seeing everyone's different experiences in this game :D

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