Toggle Switches, Blackout Thriller Mode, Thrusters!

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Toggle Switches, Blackout Thriller Mode, Thrusters!

Postby ThumpieBunnyEve » Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:35 pm

I would like to see
~Shootable Buttons
~Drivable Buttons,
~and a Car short-range Remote trigger (like a garage door opener is short range)
~Flapping Flags (cloth) attached to levers, so one can drive through the flag and set the lever state for the remainder of the map (non-retoggleable)
~Rock piles, so a mistle dislodges the rock pile, and leaves bolders rolling around on the track, or a bolder pile collapse
~Shootable power up Pickups. passing ordinance such as machine gun over a pickup-hologram static fizzles the hologram for a short moment, preventing others and self from picking it up.

in regard to buttons, I'd like to see the above trigger events do some of the following:

~ Shift either a large Piston that extends through the top&botom of the track, obstructing the bottom or top of the track based on its toggle state.
~ Shift a whole tunnel segment to exit left or right, or a platform on a crane to toggles or hit with a missile/bullets, to swing a platform left or right up or down.
~ Start a tunnel segment Rolling.
~ Shift gravity toward an object or wall.
~ Doors that slide side to side (or up and down) in tubes or open areas, either biting in or swinging through the middle.
~ Barriers that rise out of the ground when a button is driven over or trigger shot, but open some other pathway.
~ Large 3 blade (thin) fan blades like for wind-turbine power generators that can be stopped or started by derivable buttons or shootable triggers, creating a only sort of low-chance obstacle for others. on and off adding or subtracting inertial force. just something to be a little wary of.
~ popup bungie nets in the track, trigger-able, electromagnetic and or straps, for slowing cars that plow into them.
~ stasis fields, and booster fields. not just a tiny spot but a section of track that when polarized one way or the other, slows or speeds up players on it, allowing for further jumps or stunted falls to different track sections, or just changing how much time a player has to react to obstacles in these fields.

~A -Blackout mode- pitch dark mode, only able to see streetlights and small lighting astetic in tiny radius on the track when close to it, headlights and taillights are your only guide for the drive. maybe some spooky music. good for Halloween. Just not as campy silly if you don't
put in pumpkins and candy corn and all that non-serious ridiculousness.

~THRUSTER JETS, Air/Fire/Energy jets, maybe not on all car types. Perhaps new cars, with slower acceleration and top speed, but have a thruster-strength bar in the Garage. Allowing players of this car type to have small Linear thrusters in the wheel bases and on the top+bottom of the new cars. These for sticking landings exact. cushioning landings, or getting some strafe force or up.down force to stick to the track. not a lot.. just a little, they could help make turns or get your wheels back on the edge. Or when your not RESPAWNING properly on arachna' or other tracks where you respawn with the track Above you, they would help thrust you toward the surface. Linear thrusters could be on stick2, and include Strafe-L/R, Ascend/Descend, and Pitch control. (forward roll/ back roll) allowing for stunts. Keeping these cars as new separate league of additions allows the original sets of cars to be powerful fast and effective at what they already do, while introducing a new play style at a balanced though reduced speed with more maneuverability options and trick dynamics for doing carkore ~ parkore ~ (however its spelled.) on the regular race maps.

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Re: Toggle Switches, Blackout Thriller Mode, Thrusters!

Postby MicrowaveYourHamster » Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:07 pm

This is where Crash Team Racing meets Carmageddon. Oh, the uncanny...

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