Some weapons, especially mines are boring

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby TheOnLY » Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:55 pm

Meh, for firing stuff backwards. I like how you can only attacked from the back (except later maybe the first -> Assassin from the front) because you can only get a lead on somebody with superior driving skills. It acts like a "natural" catch up mechanic.
The three things i don't like currently are:
  • in most situations mines are underwhelming, and require no thought and almost interaction from the user, but still are often useless (solved by detonatable mines)
  • a shield is the only way of defence (solved by detonatable mines)
  • recovering from a hit can take forever, making the weapons too effective, a single rocket can give a lead of 1/3 of a lap in certain situations (solved by higher acceleration of cars)

If there were detonatable mines as a second way of defence, players wouldn't be entirely relying on shields, mindless mine spam would be reduced -> easier catch up for the players behind and players would be more involved with mines.
It would allow for much more combat without breaking the flow, because getting shot at by 2 missiles in a row would not necessarily mean that the player will take a hit.

Regarding having a max amount mines while not being able to destroy / get rid of them them:
It is not fun if you, can get a random Power -> UP <- which you can't get rid of without doing harm to yourself. It is ok however if you can get something that simply doesn't help you, imo.

Just imagine a weapon in an FPS that can one shot everything, but has a 5% chance to hit the player. Worst design ever.

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby Mobiusman1 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:30 pm

How about a timed-stickybomb/missile? Hear me out first;

Have this bomb/missile target an opponent and hit them, but not explode. Instead, have it stay on them and after maybe 5 seconds or so the explosion goes off. But to add a more interesting dynamic, have the bomb be tradeable.

Let's say you've been hit with this sticky bomb but you have a racer in front of you. The count-down starts and you have less than five seconds before you're blown to Kingdom come. If you're fast enough to catch the guy in front of you, you can bump/ass-ram/slam into him and the bomb gets traded to him. Let there be a 1 second non-tradeable time frame before it can be placed back to you, but still have a small window of opportunity for the opponent to give it back to you. Once the bomb goes off, have it only affect the victim unfortunate enough to endure the final moments of the count-down.

This can be high risk version of tag or hot-potato while the race is going on. I've noticed that slamming into the other racers doesn't really do too much for racing dynamics, so this can add a more aggressive playstyle to the game. We're already trying to mess each other up with all the power-ups we get during a race, so adding something like this can really stir things up!

---I realize all the balancing issues can be troublesome the more items you put into the game, but this is just something i kind made up on the fly. Feel free to take parts of my idea, the whole idea, or only one aspect of my idea as you please! :D

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby WROB3L » Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:42 am

Emmm mines countering missiles... nah don't like that idea. Remember that explosions also have a shockwave. So it might f*ck you up more than help. I would say, Let's have the driller for assassin. Keep it oldschool coz that worked.

Edit. Nevermind that would actually be a good idea xD
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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby Ryu Makkuro » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:02 am

I like the idea of missiles being a counter for the Assassin and other missiles, especially when you can shoot them backwards. That said though, I still want the Assassin to overtake the car before hitting.

In general shooting pickups backwards should be a thing, not just missiles. This was a feature of Rollcage Stage 2 and I loved it. Given the hectic speed of the game (when played on Wild at least) looking backwards to shoot a missile ain't the easiest thing, since the lock-on isn't instant. You really have to pick your moment to do it. Also the look backwards action can be tied to shooting backwards, that would give it some "risk vs reward" nature as well.

Mines being anti-missiles when timed properly... sounds cool, although maybe a bit too OP tbh. I think it would be best to wait for other pickups to be implemented before this would be implemented, because with current mine spam the issue of 1st running away would be only exacerbated when no amount of Assassin spam would ever help chasing the leader. So in this situation I'm mainly with Wrobel here, let the Driller do its work as the super versatile pickup that requires skill to be used efficiently.

Mines are mines. They are always boring to use in every single game ever made. Both Rollcage games didn't had mines and I never felt like missing something tbh. I do miss the teleport though... ;(

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby Queadah » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:53 am

Firing scorpions to the back would bring fresh air imo.

  • As Chris said, you take the risk to look backwards long enough? There! Reward: you can lock'n shoot backwards.
  • You're on the receiving end? Flip that shield or use the gattling
With all that, you just made the shield (that is currently just "fire and forget"), the gattling (that some of us just waste away) AND scorpions that much more interesting. Win/win scenario.

Not to mention the increase in game pace in ARENA (less need to reajust to shoot/shield properly).

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby Tathendal » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:11 am

Chris_CE wrote:Another thought...


Yes! Yes! Yessss please!

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby Evans_AmethysT » Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:20 pm

I think, we must have anti-emi power-up and how about taser? Yes, have EMI power-up, but it's for all enemies, except you. But taser would work only for in front enemy and slows down his car for 3 secs. And how about upgrade weapons? Like for miniguns more bullets, or for shield more capacity?

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Re: Some weapons, especially mines are boring

Postby Tathendal » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:59 pm

Chris_CE wrote:
Tathendal wrote:1. You could blow up your own scorpion with gattler very shortly after it has deployed (just to demonstrate your awesomeness, or maybe even impact someone that's right in front of you?)

1. I think allowing missiles to be shot by the Raptor will make it OP, especially if it autotargets, like it does everything else

I still think shooting your own missiles would be good (like a sec after they deploy), besides it being awesome way to gloat it would actually have a meaning: you could safely shoot your missile without the risk of hitting yourself with it (this happens to me quite a lot recently, but to be clear I am not complaining about this, on the contrary I think its a good thing since the scorpion could so easily be OP if it is easier to fire and hit target).

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