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Alright this is a tough one, Have you ever played rpgs before? Any mobas, mmos or anything besides racing games? did you ever wonder why are there so many rpg games these days? even if you find a game that you thought was not an rpg is probably one but you didn't realize it, I know I did when I first played overwatch the day it launched lol.
RPG stands for Role Playing Game which is kind of self explanatory, it means a game in which you play a role, doesn't matter what kind of role just pick any role a hunter, warrior, soldier, medic, sniper, shepard, spy, robot, attack helicopter hell even a tank! You can be anything you wan't and so is everybody else playing with you!
In an RPG framework every role has strenths and weaknesses, which is something already in place in grip (told you it might be already rpg you just didin't realize it! XD) each car already has its own stats that makes it better or worse in any given situation, but something else actually can be found in rpg games, every charachter has a couple of abilities it can use against its opponent, they are generally specific to the role you have picked, now here is when it gets crazy:
grip core combat gameplay is based on random weapon pickups designed to self "boost" or "shield", as opposed to "slowdown" or "knockout" enemies (ding dong! XD) now this is not exactly how rpgs work, instead these abilities have "cooldowns" as a way of timing the players attacks, so in RPG GRIP this would translate as 3 abilities (2 normals and 1 ultimate) with different cooldowns and power outputs and effects for exemple, this mode could be particularly interesting with destructible vehicles as the cooldowned abilities leave the pickups to be used for health regenration or powering own abilities just like in rollcage stage 2. Now this is just an idea I hope you like it and pls chris senpai notice me! Best Regards

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