Signature Weapons

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Signature Weapons

Postby Aperture » Mon Feb 22, 2016 8:57 am

I'm stealing this from Wipeout3, but provided the cars are balanced and people will drive a good selection of them, each one having it's own special ability maybe to offset it's stat weakness or just to be interesting. I know this thought is much harder as there is far more work to go in but it may well be worth the effort! Imagine one getting a stasis beam- Keep it locked on a car for a few seconds and suddenly that car will stop dead in it's tracks, invulnerable in stasis. Or an Anti'grav mine that puts one on either side popping the enemy up, harmlessly unless it's at a tunnel entrance where they will get a supreme headache ;).

I could invent one for every car of course, but for now it's a broad suggestion for the game to give each car their own special weapon.

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Re: Signature Weapons

Postby potterman28wxcv » Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:38 pm

This is the way Firebugs went. Each car had a "special" weapon, that only them could get.
The result was quite horrible - in the end you would take the car with the most OP power-up and that's it.

I know my interpretation is specific to Firebugs, which is already a quite bad example of racing game (sorry Dave :P)
Still, I think that it would be quite hard to balance it.
How to ensure that there would be no car that would be left behind because of a hardly usable special power-up he would have ?
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Re: Signature Weapons

Postby Tiakh » Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:14 pm

ye like potter already said it will cause balance issues.
Also i think choosing a car should just depend on the cars look and its handling and not the special weapon it carries.

A possible alternative would be having just a special power up chosen undependent of the car. Or just give the option to upgrade a power up already in the game instead of having a complete new one.
But then again there is the balance issue, to make all setups worth using. However, with just an upgrade like faster turbo, harder hitting missle or higher chance to get the assassin, it could be easier to balance things out.

There are more ways to make the weapon system more complex (some discussion in other threads, e.g. this or that), but some times a more simple version is enough.

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Re: Signature Weapons

Postby Broscar » Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:56 am

I'm with potty on this.
Aperture... Give Firebugs a try.

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Re: Signature Weapons

Postby Demigan » Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:34 am

If "signature weapon" means "A unique weapon for only one car" then an absolute no.
If signature weapon means certain traits given to already existing weapon when used on a specific car, such as a better boost or more bang for your buck then it might be worth looking into, as long as the differences do not make or break a car. It should be enough of a perk to want it, but not enough that you take it for the powerup and/or are dependant during the race on such powerups.

Having unique abilities for just a single car is a waste of developer time and game versatility. You could argue that a limitation can increase the game's versatility but in that case it should be limited to a whole category of cars rather than a single car.

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