Couple of GRIP-like songs

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Couple of GRIP-like songs

Postby Splotchie » Mon May 01, 2017 12:01 pm

You guys might've heard from me in a couple places that when I heard the soundtrack to this game it gave me a couple ideas of my own. One of those ideas I ended up deciding to mix with other influences and some guitar, but the other, "Winged Beast", stayed true and became my first try at a relatively pure drum and bass song without some other overwhelming genre influence, or too many vocals, in at least seven or eight years.

There were also a couple of slightly older tracks, when I read the descriptions of the different planets, popped back into my head -- although these are significantly more lyrical. When I'm writing just for myself (or for some kind of album release) I very much like to give me that full experience of writing and performing both music and words. I am very capable of doing one or the other on its own if the situation calls for it. When it doesn't, I like the practice. :)
I decided to bite the bullet, throw 'em in here and hope they landed in the right spot. So here's the Vertigo Fox me showing off what I can do. :P Apologies for the vastness of variety in these links.

Oh, and you guys can probably figure out which planet brought each of the last three songs in this list to my mind.

First of all here's "Winged Beast", the song I kinda based on the post-apocalyptic, slightly lovecraftian style of dnb this game and I both seem to love.

"Sly Fluid" was the second track I decided to mix with some other influences and make a little bit too guitary.

"This Planet" is a song about a ruined planet that's quite possibly this one. :P

"Departure" is quite the dark track I released on Halloween last year.

"Gossamer Soul" is a futuristic and kinda shiny track with a bit of house or techno influence to go with the industrial.
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