Deathrace mode (literally)

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Deathrace mode (literally)

Postby potterman28wxcv » Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:18 pm

I just tried a crazy setting today : Hard AI, Wild Speed, 8 laps, and destroyable vehicles.

The result was very challenging - it's not only about racing the fastest, it's also about staying alive.

Instead of driving the fastest possible, you drive the safest possible to avoid any mines, you don't take the lead when you don't have a shield, but you gotta drive fast too because you have the privilege of being a real mine dropper when you're first..

My idea would be basically a mix between this setting, and Elimination.

The idea

The number of laps is infinite, the vehicles are destroyable. The goal is to last the longest possible (and so, blast your opponents until you're the only one left).

In addition to this, whenever you're last, a counter of 30 seconds start. This counter decreases of 1 per second when you're last - it increases of 0.5 per second when you're not last. When this counter reaches 0, your vehicle explodes.

To win such a mode will require both speed (you have an advantage when you're out of the pack - you get all the power-ups, and are only hit by assassins), and carefulness. You will pay attention to your power-ups more than ever, it might even become strategic at some point.

What are your thoughts on a mode like this ?
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Re: Deathrace mode (literally)

Postby VooDooQky » Sat Aug 13, 2016 7:23 am

Lately i'm playing elimination with destructible vehicles on, and it is kinda nice like that, you feel a bit more threatened. But the problem is that you only gave a little bit of variation to that by increasing the longevity of the race, by letting the counter count upwards while you are not last. Which means the chasers (if you lead) will just have a little bit more time to catch up to you.

Let me spice it up for a bit: The last player only gets firestorm pickups, like in time attack mode. Like that the whole pack gets the chance to slowly catch up to the leader, constantly taking each other over, while the fight for the 2nd to last position gets more intense, since the last one can't really fall behind with the firestorms. Thus the pack, like this can't really fall apart.

Maybe this, or just simply increasing the chance to get firestorms, the worse position you are in.
Last is 100%
9th: 85%
...etcetc, while from a certain position (like from 5th) the random generator goes into normal mode.
As the race goes on and the opponents die out, the firestorm pickup chance could be scaled, so on the end when it's 1v1, the one behind tries to rush up to the 1st place with firestorms, while the current leader tries to outsmart him with weapons.

I know my idea is far from flawless but it just came in, so i wrote it down :p

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Re: Deathrace mode (literally)

Postby Chris_CE » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:02 pm

Cool ideas guys

And Voodoo, having the players in lower positions get turbos constantly is great, though they need to be quite skilled to catch up well with turbos

Could be a good mode to implement a bit later
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