Elimination mode is shait (in multiplayer)

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Elimination mode is shait (in multiplayer)

Postby Broscar » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:34 pm

The current implementation of elimination mode is a copy of Rollcage: Stage II's elimination mode.
For singleplayer, it's absolutely fine and would fit great in a campaign. For multiplayer, with GRIP's increased amount of race participants, most will have noticed by now that it's not a viable gamemode. I deem it broken by design and beyond saving.

If you're eliminated first in the race, you'll be forced to sit passively for more than 4½ minutes (9 opponents * 30s per elimination. Not including the loading screen on race end, map voting once returned to the lobby, another loading screen for the next race, synchronizing the next race.).
The next person to get eliminated has to wait 4 minutes. The one after that 3½ minutes. This mode forces multiple people to wait for several minutes with nothing to do.
In a racing game.
And it's definitely showing that customers do not want this.

People are quitting multiplayer matches immediately after being eliminated, or even at the start of the race once the map has loaded and it's revealed that elimination mode was selected. It has even become a method of trolling (ruining the game for others).
Caged Element could add some sort of ugly hack like the current broken respawning of vehicles (how would this work out even if it were to function correctly?...), or waste dev time on implementing some sh*tty game-in-a-game with flying drones, but that'd be like Van Gogh spending weeks sprinkling glitters on his own stool.
People didn't buy GRIP to fly their creepy uncle's quadcopter/wait several minutes/become frustrated at an unfair game, but to race these monster vehicles.

Rename the mode to "Last Man Standing" or some gender neutral variant haha tumblr, lock it to private lobbies only and copy Wipeout's elimination mode to replace it.
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Other GRIPonians have any other suggestions? inb4 someone mentions BLUR.

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Re: Elimination mode is shait (in multiplayer)

Postby Queadah » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:50 am

I wholeheartedly agree with Broscar (and eff gender BS ahaha):
  • depending on place, wait's too long when you get blown
  • respawning does NOT seem indicated however for this mode
  • (same goes for destruction mode inrace. The point of enabling destruction altogether would be moot if it triggered only a respawn just like holding "R")
I have a different approach from Broscar's:
  • locking the mode to private doesn't prevent the boredom of an early elimination
  • you only tell people "beware, you're fully accepting what you're getting into with that lobby" is all
Best way to cope with this is to FIX the mode entirely so it can be played unrestricted in MP.
  • Allow eliminated player to go back to garage to custom his/her ride ealier?
  • I know it sounds like a luxury/waste of resource but toying with a drone cam does sound appealing here:
    • that much goes to the lore. GRIP is a TV show really? How? Prove it! I don't see no camera ;)
    • populate races with those drones that somehow follow cars by default with a few flashes to simulate them taking pictures
    • when a racer explodes, dezoom his camera only to discover the 3rd person view (for instance) was from a drone with a big GRIP TV logo on their butts
    • this way you make sense of the ingame camera and transition smoothly to a minigame of sorts: your drone is free to roam
    • drone on drone action?
    • drone with a paint spay?
    • your guess is as good as mine
  • Spectating could also be from those drones. By clicking, it could switch drone cam so you can see various players at will

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Re: Elimination mode is shait (in multiplayer)

Postby Costa » Tue May 09, 2017 9:29 am

I made a suggestion time ago regarding this game mode, basicly instead of every 30 seconds someone get eliminated, after a whole complete lap the semi last person who reach the finish line, eliminate the last one, and so on, for every lap.
(making things more intresting, so you will never know if 2 or more racers are close each other enought who will be eliminated)

I know it may be a little frustrating but this how it might help a little for the last players....a complete lap usually takes 1 minute and half to be generous, so its still more than 30 seconds after all....

Also, another concept would be keep racing as hologram if youre eliminated, or spectate (giving the ability to retire and spectate), or being a hologram car (like a ghost racer), you can't interfere with other players and you can just race around.....

how it sounds? For hologram effect something very similar with the red hologram recovery FX but with another color gradient, maybe White / Grey / Green hologram or something... So ppl can stil race in the game even if they are eliminated

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Re: Elimination mode is shait (in multiplayer)

Postby Broscar » Wed May 10, 2017 6:14 am

That's pretty interesting, Costa. Your suggestion reminds of the Bomberman revenge mechanic (I'll refrain from explaining this. Everyone should know what I'm talking about).

How about this; you get eliminated like normal, but then you're turned into aforementioned hologram/ghost car. During this time you can redeem yourself by shooting another opponent to smithereens (this would mean having destructible vehicles always on in elimination mode, but it fits the name :P), at which point you become a normal race participant again.

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Re: Elimination mode is shait (in multiplayer)

Postby Splotchie » Wed May 10, 2017 10:43 am

Throwing this out there -- it's a rough idea and it certainly still has problems, but maybe it's better?
So how 'bout...

You start the race with ten (or some other number) points.
Any time a player would be eliminated they lose a point (or number of points) instead.
When any player loses all their points the race ends and everybody's remaining points are tallied.
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