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Postby shadyx49 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:44 am

Alright the game is a top notch high end piece of engeneering at this moment, I'm quiet satisfied with the gameplay it already provides, but I feel it craves for lore, drama, and humane dimension. I think a Need for Speed style story telling would fit nicely in grip just like in the original rollcage lore with a scifi touch on it, witch is about illegal "street" racing contests organized by some speed thirsty space gangsters sometime in the future with these giant grip cars on different planet's around the galaxy (witch, as you would've noticed, is usually in a state of war and political clash in most space flight sim games), and that are constantly chased by space police (or planet police in this case with grip police cars) to take them down, and so in the game you happen to be a rookie rebel driver that dreams about becoming the best grip driver of all times to fight for freedom of mankind (and other space species) and against police corruption that you experienced when you were a child... that's a synopsis in a nutshell, all this tension and drama can manifest easily in this game thoughout the races, with a few additions of police grip cars that jump into the map and starts chasing you and try to slow you down with the combat arsenal that already exists in the game, and some voice acting exchange between you and the police and your opponents and the base and your girlfriend and your mom or whoever else you happen to be hooked up with on the radio. Tell me what do you think about this, doesn't it sound right? do you think the devs could do this? anyway I salute them all and wish them good luck on the project.

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Re: Lore?

Postby Queadah » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:35 pm

I think good lore is totally the way to go.
A good story involving a career from bottom to top, competition, enemies, then a twist and police with a boss final battle plus happy ending.
The old fashion formula that never fails

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