PS4 platinum trophy

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PS4 platinum trophy

Postby NecroWolf12 » Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:33 am

Hey, now that we have the official announcement for the PS4 version, is that version going to have a platinum trophy? I do most of my gaming on PS4 and I'm a bit of a trophy hunter, so having a platinum in the game will be really cool and I know sometimes things get iffy with platinum trophies.

If there aren't any plans for a platinum, Greg Miller from kinda funny has mentioned on multiple occasions that when Sony denies a game a platinum, developers usually just have to ask a few more times and that changes, so I guess that can be kept in mind.

Congrats on the announcement of the full release. Can't wait to buy it (again) on PS4 and get hours and hours from the game.
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