v 1.2.8 with GTX 1060. Stutter and framedrops.

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v 1.2.8 with GTX 1060. Stutter and framedrops.

Postby Hen G. Near » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:16 am

- Win 10
- GTX 1060
- i7-7700HQ
- 16gb DDR3
- Note: my pc is a laptop

- 1080p
- Ambient Occlusion: ON
- Motion blur: HIGH
- Sharpening: HIGH
- Antialiasing: TXAA
- Antialiasing quality: EPIC
- Object quality: EPIC
- Shadow quality: EPIC
- Special effect quality: EPIC
- Texture quality: EPIC
- Post pricessing quality: EPIC
- Resolution scale: 100%
- V-sync: ON
- Limit fps: 60
- Film grain 43%

2 updates ago (v 1.2.6), with maxed settings, I was able to play at 60 fps all the time with few and rare drops only in some parts with a lot of explosions and in split screen mode. With the current version, my laptop fells cooler, but at the same time frame drops are more frequent. The most common is at the start of the race, in the worst scenario my framerate dropped to 45. I still don't know what causes the drop, sometimes I start the race in the last position with no drops and other times i lose frames when I start in the middle. Never happened when i start in the lead. The rest of the race is the same smooth as butter experience that i had with the older version of the game.

...Well, almost. Apparently, "Terra" cars cause stutter in certain parts of some tracks. Almost every tunnel section of Yuri industrial have this problem. Had no issues with every other car.

Hope it helps.

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